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1st Choice Vacation PropertiesSaturday, March 09, 2013

Seven Great Tips for Making Your Vacation Photos Memorable

Everyone takes vacation pictures, but with these seven tips you can make your vacation photos even more memorable. And if you are getting ready for summer vacation or a spring getaway, 1st Choice Vacation Rentals lists thousands of great vacation rentals that will make your next trip perfect.

1. Find the Perfect Destination - Let 1st Choice Vacation Rentals help you find the perfect lodging for your next vacation. Click here to see our extensive directory of vacation rentals.

2. Make a List – Make a list of the items you need for your camera, like extra batteries and additional memory cards, so you can make sure that you pack everything you will need to capture the memories of your vacation.

3. Don't Forget Signs When Taking Photos – Taking pictures of signs and plaques at the various places you visit will help you remember and document your trip.

4. Find Sunrise and Sunset Times - Taking photos at sunrise or sunset can add excitement and warmth to your travel photos.

5. Look for Natural Frames in Doors and Windows - Frame your travel photography with open doors and windows.

6. Capture Reflections on Water - Find lakes, streams, and oceans that reflect their surroundings for dazzling photos.

7. Photograph the Food - Take photos of food unique to areas you explore during your travels.

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