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1st Choice Vacation PropertiesSaturday, January 19, 2013

1st Choice Customer Support Newsletter - May 2004

Meta What? Meta Tags! They Can Improve Where and How Your Vacation Property Listing Shows up on Search Engines

When you listed your vacation rental property on www.choice1.com you had the options of providing both Meta Tag Keywords and a Meta Tag Description of your property. That’s fine, but what’s a Meta Tag, anyway?

Simply put, a Meta Tag is something that visitors to your property listing will never see, but something that search engines use to list, categorize and describe your property listing. Having solid and descriptive Meta Tags doesn’t necessarily guarantee fantastic search engine placement, but it can help drive visitors to your property listing from search engines. In other words, good Meta Tags can help more people see your property listing, thus helping you rent your property and make money.

Under your 1st Choice Vacation Properties Customer Tools, you can change or improve your Meta Tags. Simply go to the Customer Login Page and log in. Next, click the “Edit Property(s)” link. Select the property you want to update, and scroll down to the Meta Tag section.

The first Meta Tag you can update is for search engines – to help them know what’s special about your property, and where your property is located. You can use up to 200 characters, so be descriptive. For example, a solid set of Meta Tag Key Words might include “Lake Tahoe Skiing Fishing Squaw Valley Snowmobile Mountain Bike Hiking Condo”.

Here’s a hint: if your property is located in an area that is difficult to spell, consider intentionally including a common misspelling our your location. For example, your Meta Tag Key Words could include “Hawaii Hawai Kauai Kauia Scuba Beach Sunset Tropical”.

The second Meta Tag you can update is a description of your property. Some search engines will use this description word for word when displaying search results that include your property. For other search engines, the Meta Description Tag will help provide a portion of the text used to describe your listing. You only have 100 characters with which to work, so be brief, but also be descriptive. Your Meta Description Tag might look something like this: “Lake Tahoe luxury condo, spectacular lake views and private dock”. Because potential customers may see all or part of this description, check your spelling!

As always, if you have any technical questions, or would like information about increasing your property’s exposure with Banner or Top Spot advertising, please feel free to call us at (800) 343-2891. You can also correspond with us via email or use our “Live Help” feature on our website to chat directly with our customer service staff.

Thanks for listing your vacation rental property with us!

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