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1st Choice Vacation PropertiesSaturday, January 19, 2013


Catch the Florida Spirit with a Central Florida Family Vacation!
Orlando and the Central Florida area is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Whether its Walt Disney World & Universal Studios, or a daytrip to Daytona Beach or nearby NASA,
Orlando has plenty of things to do and see, and www.FloridaSpirit.com has a centrally located, professionally cleaned home to suit your needs. Whether you are planning a Disney vacation, Orlando golf getaway, family reunion, or romantic getaway, we can develop a package to turn your dream vacation from fantasy to reality. Contact one of our vacation planners today; because once you catch the Florida Spirit, vacationing in Central Florida will never be the same!

Mention France and one may conjure up thoughts of romance, high-fashion, gourmet cuisine, world-class wines – the list goes on and on. However, recently Americans may also conjure up thoughts of a much less positive nature. It is this reason that has prompted the French Government Tourist Board to specifically address the concerns of American travelers.

In a special message on their website, the FGTO Director USA emphasizes that "Americans have always been and will always be welcome in France", and cites articles in major publications like The New York Times which report "returning American visitors experienced no hostility". He invites readers to consult their testimonial page for first hand comments from recent American travelers to France.

You can read the message for yourself and find information about their "Let's Fall in Love Again" campaign offering special deals to Americans at: FGTO message

Intrigued, but don’t know where you should travel in France? The brief descriptions that follow should give you a better idea of the areas that would appeal to you. Look to the France Tourism site for more detailed information and be sure to find your perfect French vacation rental at www.choice1.com. Bon Voyage!

Bordeaux Wine Country:
Described in one word: Classical
In Brief: Located on the Atlantic coast, Bordeaux is an example of a classic 18th century city featuring an expansive waterfront, wide streets, public gardens and spacious squares. Bordeaux is surrounded by a fabled land of vineyard castles. View a selection of Bordeaux vacation rentals.

Described in one word: Medieval
Noted for: Celtic roots, Small fishing villages, Traditional Folk Art, Music and Dance, Walled cities, 16th Century Roadside Calvaries and Prehistoric Monuments.
In Brief: Located at the westernmost tip of France, the ancient countryside of Brittany features sandy beaches, cliffs and rugged capes. View a selection of Brittany vacation rentals.

Described in one word: Bountiful
Noted for: Beaux-Arts museum, Gothic cathedrals, the Great Wine Growing Côte d'Or region.
In Brief: The landscape of Burgundy, in Eastern France, is marked by vineyards, castles and abbeys and includes 746 miles of navigable waterways. View a selection of Burgundy vacation rentals.

Described in one word: Colorful
Noted for: Diversity of People and Dialects, Crafts, Spas and Thalassotherapy.
In Brief: Corsica is one of the three largest islands in the Mediterranean. Six hundred miles of coastline encircles a landscape where mountains reach to 8,900 feet and trees cover nearly half the island. View a selection of Corsica vacation rentals.

Dordogne (Perigord):
Described in one word: Undiscovered
Noted for: Prehistoric caves, Unusual Chateaus, Truffles, Foie Gras, Bicycling, and Fertile Countryside.
In Brief: Located in the Southwest of France, Dordogne is home to some of Europe’s oldest settlements and many of its towns are quite stunning. Often overlooked by North Americans, Dordogne’s lovely countryside is a favorite of nature lovers and bicyclists. View a selection of Dordogne vacation rentals.

French Riviera:
Described in one word: Glamorous
Noted for: Film, Dance and Music Festivals, Beaches, Celebrities, Nightlife, World-Class Galleries and Art Museums.
In Brief: On the Mediterranean, the "Blue Coast" of France gives travelers a range of scenery – from sandy beaches to steep, rocky cliffs, turquoise to deep blue water, charming ports to seaside resorts. View a selection of French Riviera vacation rentals.

Described in one word: Sparkling
Noted for: Walled City of Carcassonne and other well-preserved medieval buildings, distinctive Catalan cuisine and folklore, art treasures, Cassoulet and Roquefort (blue cheese).
In Brief: The region where the Pyrénées Mountains meet the Mediterranean with varied landscape such as the rocky, arid Roussillon, the marshy delta known as The Camargue or the sun-drenched vineyards of Languedoc. View a selection of Languedoc-Roussillon vacation rentals.

Loire Valley:
Described in one word: Stately
Noted for: Fairytale Castles and Chateaus, Loire River
In Brief: Known as the "Garden of France"”, the Loire Valley is bestowed with gentle landscapes of flowers, rolling green hills and calm waterways. View a selection of Loire Valley vacation rentals.

Described in one word: Historic
Noted for: D-day beach landings, Museum of Peace in Caen, Mont St. Michel, Claude Monet Museum at Giverny, Rouen Cathedral.
In Brief: Normandy’s landscape varies from the picturesque seaports, rocky cliffs and gold sand beaches of its 372 miles of coastline to the wooded valleys, golden prairies, clear streams and delightful villages of the Norman countryside. View a selection of Normandy vacation rentals.

Described in one word: Captivating
Noted for: Notre Dame cathedral, Eiffel Tower, Musée du Louvre, High Fashion, Art, l’Arc de Triomphe, Les Champs-Elysées and too many others to name.
In Brief: Known as the "City of Light", Paris is one of the world’s capitals of culture as it is home to some of the world’s most famous museums and monuments. The city is divided into 20 arrondissements spiraling out from the center at the Louvre. Each one with its own mix of energy, excitement and beauty that is sure to captivate. View a selection of Paris vacation rentals.

Described in one word: Inspiring
Noted for: Scenery that charmed and inspired the likes of Van Gogh and Cézanne, Roman monuments, the port city of Marseilles – established by the Phoenicians, Gallo-Roman ruins, Palace of the Popes, Nostradamus, Southern Alps, Mont Ventoux.
In Brief: Provence (“the Midi”) is bordered by the Alps, which contributes to its comfortable climate. Warm breezes glide over hills of lavender and bright blue skies make a bold backdrop for cypress and cedar trees. View a selection of Provence vacation rentals.

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